All the works shown below are for sale, plus the etchings and pastels also shown on this site.
This page will be regularly updated with Gabrielle's most recent works.
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Spring 2017 Abstract 1

Spring 2017 Abstract 2

Spring 2017 Abstract 3

Spring 2017 Abstract 4

Spring 2017 Abstract 5

Spring 2017 Abstract 6

Green Abstract 1

Green Abstract 2

The Apple Tree

Christmas 2016 No.1

Christmas 2016 No.3

The Old Chimney

The Ship

Red Abstract

Red and Green Abstract

Blue Abstract

Black and Red Abstract No1

Warm Abstract

Pink and Grey Abstract

Pink Abstract

Berlin Chimneys

Black and Red Abstract No2

Grey Abstract

Pink Check Abstract

Dark Forms

Pink and Green Abstract

Grey Landscape

Cool Composition

Warm Composition


Bessie the Rescue Dog

Letters from Max to Lucy 1941-1945